Schwarzwald (The Black Forest), the largest nature park in Germany, is one of the most preferred and best known holiday regions in the country. It has qualified as a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition. The Romans named the mountain chain “Silva Nigra”, because seen from afar its thick fir forests seemed to be black. Schwarzwald’s forests are home of numerous crystal lakes and beautiful waterfalls. Hiking fans and cross-country skiers would love the Black Forest. It is a perfect place for recreation and complete wellness holiday of relaxation, sports and beauty. Here it is worth seeing Triberg Waterfalls, the most famous waterfalls in Germany. The medieval university town of Freiburg – Germany’s sunniest town, as well as Baden-Baden, the country’s SPA pearl, are also located in Schwarzwald. Tourists here have an easy access to diverse cultures as Schwarzwald is located at the border of Germany, Switzerland and France. Schwarzwald is also the birthplace of the legendary Danube River, which is a natural connection between Germany and Bulgaria, the motherland of Sharlopov Hotels.

Schwarzwald is widely popular for its culinary treats such the Black Forest cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) with cream and cherries, Flammkuchen (fine pizza version – with very thin crispy dough and without tomatoes), Spätzle (home-made pasta), homemade sausages, smoked trout and Black Forest ham. Connoisseurs will appreciate the bouquet of aromas of Baden wines, the high-quality sparkling wines (Sekt) and the raspberry schnapps (Himbeerschnapps).